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Bayonetta MULTI6 FitGirl

Bayonetta MULTI6 FitGirl 64bit Download

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Date of issue: 11 Apr 2017

Genre: Action / Labels, third party, 3D

Developer: PlatinumGames

Publisher: Sega

Platform: PC

Engine: in the house

Steam Rating: 94% Positive (Based on 1001 Posts) User Reviews

Languages: English, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Japanese

Audio:English, Japanese

Cracks: Built-in (CODEX)

Minimal requirements:

Operating System: Microsoft Windows 7/8 () / 10

Processor: Core i3 3220


Video Card: Radeon HD6950 / GeForce GTX 570 (768MB VRAM)


HDD space: 14 GB (20 GB ~ installation time)

Screenshot – Click for besarkanJika you do not see the screen of – blocking AdBlock


PlatinumGamesThe legendary director Hidey Kamiya of Resident Evil and Devil May Cry glory, SEGA brings one of the heroes of the most famous action game of all time on the computer.

Bayonetta. The last surviving ancient witch clan that mengekalkanmengimbangi between light and dark and chaos. Buried, for himself and for the world as a defenseWe know Bayonetta found and lived in 500 years, causing a series of events with catastrophic consequences.

Thrusting straight into the battle, only one key to the past, Bayonetta must discover the truth and perjuanganuntuk future. A conquest to scare her face to deal with the enemies of countlessAngels and a giant enemy in a 100% pure action game.


Deadly Grace. Attractive, stylish and all action, not heroin like everyone else in the game landscape, Bayonettagatovayamengenal sure of their feelings towards the border.

Climax action. Nothing more than the highest in the extreme conditions that leadsTo continuing high levels of stress and anxiety Bayonetta press the genre into a new intensity area.

Luxury Combat. Bayonetta has a large arsenal of weapons through an intuitifdan anti-fluid system, unleashing lethal combinations and special attacks with catastrophic results.

SupernaturalForces. Eliminate the torture attack as gorgeous as Iron Maiden, guillotine and more inshaeprykonchyts enemies and send them to hell.

Full Steam support. PencapaianWap, steam cloud storage, trading cards, board leader, and great picture mode.

Enhanced PC graphic settings. Unlocked4K resolution, anti-pseudonyms, anisotropic filtering, Sao lights, scale, shadow structure and quality, and more.

English and Japanese voices in certain places. Bebaspensuisan and the subtitle language at all times.

Pack Packages

Based on Bayonetta-CODEX Release ISO: (12911411200 bytes)

100% without lossMD5 Perfect: All files are the same as the original after installation

Nothing completely destroyed, nothing recorded

Feature Selective Load: You can skip download and pemasangansuara act of Japan, which ends on film shows and bonus content (artbook, OST, wallpaper, avatars)

SmallFile size (compressed from 12 to ~ GB, depending on the components selected)

Installation takes up to 30 minutes to 8 cores; ~ 45 minutes at 4 cores; ~ 1 hour and 15 minutes to 2teras processor

Once you’ve installed a check integrity vymozha to ensure that everything is correct

On hard drive afterInstallation: up to 14 GB (~ 20 GB during installation)

Language You can change the game settings

At least 2 GB of RAM (including Maya) memerlukanuntuk install repackage

Wrap from FitGirl

Selected Download

You can skip downloading of exigible files. Here’s a list of extrasFiles:

In the example, if you want to start the game with a Japanese voice game and you do not need end credits or bonus content -skip aptsyyanalnafayly, but all the basic download files (01-05).

Problems during installation?

Read this troubleshooting guide willArchive

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