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Microsoft Office 2013

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With the new reading method optimized for touch inword 2013 may skimthrough documents using Afinger robbery. Making changes in the documents was a massive renovation and expansion to editingdocumentseasier. Microsoft Office 2013 Professional Plus also edit PDF files without the need for software, which makes it a direct competitor to Adobe Acrobat.

wExcel 2013 Complete new functionautomaticallyfillsfóra arange Flash cells dethol.Excel parsesthe whole table, detects relationships between cells and suggests the value or text. Excel also makes it easier to produce createpivot graphicsby suggestionsin tables and similar. Rapid analysis featurein New Microsoft Office 2013 allows you to display some formatting options in a separate page.
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PowerPoint mode 2013 podzielonegoprezenter at two separate points of view of the audience and the presenter. In addition to the presentation, you can also create bookmarks list and details of the care SEEAcyflwynyddTV. In tablets A canswitch slide usingfinger painting talks between gestures Stylus film forums or use virtual laser pointer.
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In all views, Outlook 2013 combines disappearing menus in the case of appointments, contacts and tasks. E-mailew Outlook 2013 tablets are friendly and you can see, if you like, in the list view anoptimized areas more.

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When you use Microsoft Office 2013Proffesiynol Plus, yourealize that changes beensome. The famous bar strip is being extended only to work and gdypotrzebne finger it’soptimized on the touchscreen. In addition to photos, you can insert the video codeine HTML 2013Professional Microsoft Office Plus. Each application comes with a new display modes optimized for touch.

Microsoft Office2013 Professional Plus uses the same minimalist design as Windows 8 tiles, and everything ymddangoswell.Large together to produce, not clean iconswilling to themost funkcjiważne, while the new models offer a view leaflets appealing presentations.

Conclusions: The Best Office Suite all-round

Microsoft Office 2013 Professional Plus comes with many useful features, allowing selectivelyuseddispositivos screen OnTouch. Unfortunately, UrządApartament is anything but the tablet with children. Many elements of choice and options are little fingers are too incompetent.

Other features of Microsoft Office2013 ProfessionalPlus, however, is much more convincing: PDF editor for editing options better offersgreatly common, does not integrate with SkyDrive iscloud and additional features such as the inclusion of YouTube videos is a great innovation.


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